Extra Cleaning Tasks

We all know that the cleaner is supposed to clean after a guest departs, so that the home will be ready for the next guest. This web site is designed to manage that and make it as effortless as possible for the owner.

But there’s more than that. Often there are additional cleaning tasks that are infrequent but that need to be scheduled. Right now these have to be handled outside of the app. I usually just send me cleaner an email: “tomorrow when you clean at 1204, could you clean the laundry room, too?”

It would be great if these could be schedule within the app and then be visible on the cleaner’s calendar.

A Missed Cleaning …

As an Airbnb host, there are few things I fear more than a missed cleaning. I have 17 apartments live on Airbnb and over 1,500 guests hosted. It has happened. And it will probably happen again, despite everything I do to prevent it. But I’m continually trying to improve my operation, and recognizing that things could go wrong is actually the first step to reducing the chances of screwups.

Just managing the cleaning calendar is a lot of work. To automate that, I created this website: http://SimpleBnb.Cleaning.