It’s Easy to Get Started Renting on Airbnb

I never cease to be amazed how impossibly difficult various “experts” make it seem to get started on Airbnb. I just happened across one on the internet who said, “Amenities need to be meticulously clean, of quality, be relevant and coordinated tastefully.” I think she was selling interior decoration services.

People rent out tents in their back yard and get five stars. Look at this listing for a sailboat. 123 reviews, five star-average, Superhost, as of this writing.

No frills accommodations. Great for nature lovers/outdoor enthusiasts/adventure travelers! Budget “boatcamping’ w/NO AC JUST FANS. The 22-foot sailboat is simple, cute & all yours. It’s moored in a peaceful shallow channel, 4-5 miles (driving) from Old Town/Duval St. THE BOAT IS NOT IN A MARINA. Access to shore/Boat is a 5 minute kayak paddle with FREE Unlimited use! Designed for 2 people, it’s possible to fit 3. Camping means Solar shower, porto potty. No NIGHT check in;Arrive by sunset!The space

This is primitive CAMPING on a small, 22-foot boat & is NOT in a marina, but a shallow channel that you NEED to KAYAK to.For this reason you should have experience on kayaks and be able to propel yourself through the water without assistance – it can be windy. You should be a capable swimmer in case of emergency. The boat is not attached to land.

The point is: you can get started very easily. You don’t have to make big, up-front investments. Start with what you have, see if you like it, see if it works for you, and then begin to upgrade.

The trick is to be very upfront in the description. You need to set expectations in the first sentence. It could be, “Old, unrenovated apartment sparsely equipped with well-worn, second-hand furniture.” Set your price accordingly, and guests will be happy.

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