Thin Walls? Put on a Show?

Sometimes I have no idea what potential guests are trying to say, but I still know that it is a very bad idea …

Good morning. I’d like to book your place feb11-12. It’ll be our last night together we fly out of FLL on Tuesday at 7am so it’s perfect. My question are the wall thin? No loud music that the issue its just because I’ve heard I can put on a show in the bedroom. He’d asked me to ask the host so we’re/he’s won’t be embarrassed and are asked to be quiet . Other than that I’m ready to book. I look forward for your response. Thanks

Lingerie Party?

I was looking forward to renting your place. If I booked it for game night in lingerie with approximately 8 females, do you consider that as a party? I see your house rules say no events or parties.

Well, let’s see … if you comply with the check-in and check-out times so that the cleaning lady can clean on schedule, according to the calendar. Actually, no, it’s a party, so … declined.