I’m Going to Shoot a Music Video in Your Home!

This just in from a guest:

Hello Matthew! I would like to speak with you about your rules and regulations! I am planning on shooting a music video in your home! I am very excited and cannot wait to speak with you!

Uhhhh … no you’re not. This is when I call Airbnb and tell them I am “uncomfortable” with a booking and ask them to cancel it penalty-free.

How I Ended Requests for Very Early Check-In

It used to be that the #1 most common question I got was along the lines of

My flight arrives at 5am. I know I’m going to be very tired and will want to sleep. Can I check in early?

Basically they are asking for a free night. And of course this often comes with a request for very late check-out. And of course it’s often a single-night booking that is also discounted because it’s a single-night gap on my calendar. So they want three nights for the price of one very discounted night.

Total waste of time. And then I added this to my automatic response to inquiries, and … poof! … these idiotic, time-wasting, never-going-to-book requests disappeared.

BAG STORAGE: if you need to store your bags before or after arrival, there is a retiree nearby who provides this service. He charges $20 (cash only) and will store a reasonable number of bags for an early arrival or late departure. Call Jesse at (561) 584-3558. He doesn’t email or text. Voice phone calls only.

House Rule: No Parties

A guest just wrote this in his review.

Not good for parties if there are squares staying at the same place.

And further cementing the idea that he booked without reading anything, here’s the full text of his review:

Pool was nice but shared with five or six other places. Clean place though and peaceful area. Not good for parties if there are squares staying at the same place.

Yes, Casey, if you are reading this, here’s what it says about the pool:

The pool is shared by eight units in four duplex houses surrounding a large common back yard.