ShinePay for Airbnb

I tried to implement ShinePay’s laundry system in a complex with nine Airbnb units sharing two washers and two dryers. I had hoped the guests as wells as the cleaners could get away from quarters.

It was a failure. Even worse, I ended up stuck with one device I never installed. ShinePay offers a 30-day money back guarantee. I tried to return the last device, but I was a couple of days beyond the deadline. I explained that this was because my appliance repair company had made two service calls trying to install it. They didn’t care — no refund.

First, the system doesn’t work very well. Your phone is supposed to use Bluetooth to activate the laundry machine. Often you’ll get a message telling you to reset your phone. Sometimes this happens 2-3 times before the machine turns on.

My cleaner recently sent me this message:

Please check if anything on your end can be done with the info for machines.

I restarted my phone twice and I get the same messages. 

I’m using quarters in the meantime. 

Next, for whatever reason guests don’t like it. Maybe it’s because there’s a service fee to put my on your account. Or maybe they don’t like adding another app to their phone. The bottom line is that most guests don’t use it, despite having ShinePay stickers and instructions on all of the machines.